It’s a Green Story

We’re three friends who met at University in London, bonding over our love of food. After studying, we ended up working in different European cities but stayed in touch and eventually, we all found ourselves working in the corporate world.

Perhaps like you, we found that at lunchtime when we popped out for some re-fuelling, there was never anything really healthy, delicious, and filling. Yes, there were lots of sandwich bars, fast-food places and big chains promising sustenance, but the food just didn’t tick our boxes and we always felt underwhelmed.

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So we put our minds together and decided to do something about it and ended up on a mission to reinvent healthy fast-food. Combining the flavours of our childhoods, our individual culinary experiences along with our different cultures and city experiences, we started to dream in greens!

What began as a conversation led to us taking a career detour to concentrate on something that took the humble salad and elevated it to another level.

The result is Urban Greens.

Our Mission

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We just don’t do ordinary

You will find that we’re different, we’re never boring. On the contrary, our food will fill you with excitement. When you think about our salads, you really look forward to a wholesome and nutritious meal.

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We’re committed

To our customers, to good food and to the world we live in.  We care about the environment, about the future, about being respectful.  Our packaging is sustainable, we are reducing our carbon emissions, we use locally sourced ingredients, and we do minimal really well. 


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