Our Story

There are three of us and we’re really good friends (which helps!) and passionate foodies obviously. We met at university and studied hard before going into the corporate world. Our time at work was exciting and challenging – whenever we stopped for a breather, we looked for food that we could look forward to eating but it needed to be fast because we always had to get back to our desks. All three of us noted that there was a distinct lack in the London market for fresh, fast and casual restaurants.

So it got us thinking…..and then we realised that we have an extraordinary foodie-edge because we all come from different cultural backgrounds. We’ve also lived in three different cities, London, Stockholm and Athens which meant that when we got our heads together and dreamt up Urban Greens, we each brought our own individual culinary experiences to the table and blended them together!

Yes, it was a leap of faith. We left our careers to focus full-time on creating what you want – Urban Greens - London's go-to eatery for great tasting, healthy salads. Our menu has been thoughtfully crafted with taste and nutrition at its heart, with an emphasis on quality ingredients and fresh flavours that pair well together.

Our Mission

At Urban Greens, we like to do things differently! When we started our journey, our mission was for you to enjoy something extraordinary for lunch, or any meal for that matter. We’ve also been in your shoes, time-poor and with a multitude of commitments

So we understand that you want something quick but really, you want something nutritious too. No fatty, salty and calorie-ridden fast food – you want something that’s filling and uber-delicious but most importantly, really good for you.

Urban Greens is set to change the way you think about fast food. Yes, we’re fast but we’re what we call proper food. Healthy, nourishing and oh so yummy!